Parks Visited

At some point in my wanderings, probably about the time of my Alaska trip with my son in 2007, we began collecting National Park Passport Stamps. Along the way, I also started collecting patches and hiking stick medallions from wherever I hike that has them.

As my first stop when thinking about vacations seems to be the National Park Service website or Google Maps (to see what parks might be near where I am heading, I thought this might be a good place to start keeping track of the parks I have visited.

National Parks

Denali National Park and Preserve
Great Smoky Mountains NP
Yosemite NP
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL
Pictured Rocks NL
Joshua Tree NP
Shenandoah NP
Everglades NP
Big Cypress National Preserve
Biscayne NP
Golden Gate NRA
Muir Woods NM
Lake Mead NRA
Rocky Mountain NP
Kenai Fjords NP
Acadia NP
Mammoth Cave NP
Sequoia NP
Kings Canyon NP
Casa Grande NM
Saguaro NP
Mississippi River NRRA
Red Rock Canyon NCA
St. Croix National Scenic Riverway
Zion National Park

National Historic Parks, Sites, Etc

National Mall and Memorial Parks
President’s Park / White House
Independence NHP
Valley Forge NHP
Shiloh NMP
Lincoln Home NHS
Herbert Hoover NHS

State Parks (not including SE Michigan parks)

Chugach State Park (AK)
Denali State Park (AK)
Independence Mine State Historical Park (AK)
Big Basin (CA)
Big Sur (CA)
Julia Pfeiffer Burns (CA)
Henry Coe (CA)
Portola Redwoods (CA)
Castle Rock (CA)
Mount Tamalpais (CA)
Turkey Run State Park (IN)
Wekiva Springs (FL)
Blue Springs (FL)
Little Big Econ State Forest (FL)
Willow Falls State Park (MN)
Jonathan Dickinson State Park (FL)
John D MacArthur Beach State Park (FL


Circle B Bar Reserve (Lakeland, FL)
South Mountain Park/Preserve (Phoenix, AZ)
Minnehaha Falls (Minneapolis, MN)
Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park (Coon Rapids, MN)
Orlando Wetlands Park (FL)

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