Alaska, Day 2, Denali State Park to Denali National Park and Preserve

8/27/2007 (Journaled 7/28/2013)


Last night, we ended the night at Denali State Park. We pretty much drove until we did not want to anymore and stopped at this deserted campground on a beautiful lake. We were the only residents for the night, other than any animals that were lurking in the shadows. While Alaska can be expensive, it can also be very cheap, as our accommodations tonight cost us a whole $5. If you don’t mind tent camping, you can spend a lot of time here without much money.


We woke up and admired the view of the lake and slowly made our way up to Denali – stopping many times to enjoy the views and stretch our legs. We ended our drive at the frontcountry campground at Denali NPP. Here are a few pics of that journey:

20130725-191203.jpg 20130725-191215.jpg 20130725-191145.jpg 20130725-191053.jpg 20130725-191041.jpg 20130725-191025.jpg 20130725-191012.jpg 20130725-190954.jpg 20130725-190828.jpg 20130725-190459.jpg 20130725-190418.jpg 20130725-175357.jpg 20130725-190357.jpg

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