Alaska, Day 4, Denali to Montana Creek

8/29/2007 (Journaled 7/30/2013)

Wow, what a day yesterday. Another great night spent camping as well. The weather during our vacation has been amazing. 70’s during the day, getting down into the 20-30’s some nights. We have even awoken to considerable frost on our tent a couple mornings, but we have great sleeping bags and are staying toasty warm in our little two man tent.

Today, we enjoyed more of the Denali frontcountry, including a trip to the dog kennels, where they train and keep the dogs they use for travel during the winter. Pretty neat experience, including some sledding demonstrations on dry land. It is amazing to see how happy those dogs are to get hooked up to a sled. There is clearly nothing they would rather do!

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As with much of the trip, we ended our day whenever we felt like it. Today we happened to find a beautiful creek full of salmon making their run. Hayden had been dreaming of catching a salmon and Montana Creek seemed to be the place to do it! We set up camp by the creek and then off to bed for another great night in our tent under a beautiful Alaska sky.

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