Alaska, Day 5, Montana Creek, Independence Mine, Seward

8/30/2007 (Journaled 7/30/2013)

Alaska 2007 381

What happens when you are camping next to a creek full of salmon? Your son wakes up really early and gets to fishing! Now, we are not fishing experts so we did not have much luck. We also did not really realize until someone came by and let us in on the secret that salmon at this stage of life are not really interested in eating, so catching the them with line and tackle is pretty much impossible. What was a boy to do? Jump in and fish by hand of course!!! Hayden had the time of his life trying to catch fish bare handed, and caught quite a few:

Alaska 2007 349 Alaska 2007 358 Alaska 2007 358b Alaska 2007 365 Alaska 2007 366 Alaska 2007 381 Alaska 2007 346 Alaska 2007 347

We also hiked up the creek and got to see an Alaska Railroad train go over a bridge. Pretty cool (gotta love the maize and blue paint job!).

Alaska 2007 372

Our fun at Montana Creek over, we moved south again with the goal of eventually making i to Seward. As the goal was to explore, not reach a destination, we took our time along the way. We took a detour off the Parks Highway to visit Hatcher Pass and the Independence Mine State Historical Park. Here are a few pics taken along the way.

Alaska 2007 465 Alaska 2007 467 Alaska 2007 469 Alaska 2007 473 Alaska 2007 406 Alaska 2007 423 Alaska 2007 430 Alaska 2007 432 Alaska 2007 436 Alaska 2007 463

The Independence Mines were in operation for many years back in the 1930’s and 1940’s, employing 200 people at its peak. We had fun exploring the site and learning about the mine and its operation. Most of all, Hayden had fun panning for gold!

Alaska 2007 474 Alaska 2007 478 Alaska 2007 480 Alaska 2007 482 Alaska 2007 484

Hatcher Pass was also pretty cool, if not a bit intimidating as a flat-lander. I think it is at the very top where you literally cannot see the road as you peak and it disappears down the other side. A bit nerve racking for those of us who are not lovers of heights.

We made it to Seward as planned, though a black bear tried to stop us by running out in front f our car while driving south of Anchorage. We set up our tent by the water at the campground in town and enjoyed another great night in Alaska. The campground is right in the middle of town on the water. This area was saved from development as it is a Tsunami zone. Glad we did not have any earthquakes!

Alaska 2007 496 Alaska 2007 493 Alaska 2007 494

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