Alaska, Day 7, Hayden’s first fire and the end of a dream

9/1/2007 (Journaled 7/31/2013)

Alaska 2007 794 Alaska 2007 748 Alaska 2007 751

Sadly, this trip is coming to an end. But not before one more major highlight! Hayden woke up early this morning determined to start a fire without the aid of a match or and man made fire starting materials. He scoured the beach and nearby areas for grasses, twigs, anything that might burn and provide kindling. He then got out his knife and flint, and got to work. Like all great accomplishments, Hayden’s first fire was preceded by several failed attempts, but he kept at it and eventually got a great fire going. A great end to our trip! We were then back to Anchorage and our return flight to on Alaska Airlines (again great service!). Alaska, you were more than we could have hoped for, and we have dreamed of coming back ever since! IN recent years, we have even named our dogs after you (Denali & Kenai)! See you again soon!

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