Grand Canyon Region Photography Workshop

The Grand Canyon is amazing. I am not typically a big fan of rocks or dry environments. I like water and I like green. It is hard to not appreciate the beauty of the Grand Canyon and the surrounding area. This becomes impossible when you have the talents of Ellie and Brian from Aperture Academy making sure you get to the best spots at the right times while teaching you a ton about photography. Throw in a fun group of people, and you could not ask for more. That is exactly what I experienced this weekend.

Day one of the workshop was spent up near Page, AZ. We visited Antelope Canyon , an amazing slot canyon with really cool colors and shapes, dropped by The Toadstools just over the state line and got to try out hand at shooting those cool formations, and ended the day shooting the sunset at Horseshoe Bend. Then it was back in the van for the long drive back to the Grand Canyon.

I was late to sign up, and like camping, so I opted to rough it in my backpacking tent rather than pay through the nose for a hotel room ( I already spent way too much on a tripod and other gear for the trip). The night was cold but I was warm in my great Mountain Hardware bag. My tent had a thick layer of frost on it in the morning! Not fun getting out of a tent at 4:30 AM when it is below 30 degrees put!

Day two was spent on the south rim, shooting at Yvapai View, Mather Point, taking an afternoon siesta, then shooting more at Hopi House, and Desert View. My favorite shots of the trip were from Desert View: one of the inside of the visitor’s center and one of the canyon with the castle like visitor center in the right foreground for interest and perspective.

This was a great trip and I learned a lot. Thanks again to Ellie and Brian at Aperture Academy.

(Actual post date 4/23/2013)

Grand Canyon Workshop Photos







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