Kensington Nature Center Hike

Lacking some grand inspiration through which to start writing, I might as well just get to writing and let that happen later. Today, I took a quick hike during lunch at Kensington Metropark’s Nature Center. The Nature Center is one of the great aspects of one of the best parks n the regions. While a bit too close to the highway to avoid the subtle backdrop of traffic, it is nonetheless a haven of peacefulness that is quite relaxing to visit. I used to come here 2-3 times per week back when it seemed I has less important things to do. Perhaps I need to work on my perception of importance and give up hickey wings and Golden Tee a bit more often! As spring is here (today anyway), I find myself getting a bit more inspired to reconnect with nature and spend less time indoors.

Today’s hike took me on a stroll around the Aspen Loop, and combined with a couple sidetracks, probably totaled only 1 1/2 or so miles. Meager perhaps, but relaxing nonetheless. As we have had a long winter, the obvious signs of spring are none too plentiful as of yet. A few budding trees, some refilled creeks and bogs, the songs of birds, and signs of a recent controlled burn were all that separated today from a cooler and snowless winter day. Perhaps the birds are there in the winter as well, I did not make it this year. I also caught site of a couple adult deer, whom obviously caught sight, sound, or wind of me first, as all I got to see was their white tails dancing into the woods. I will make it a point to bring back a camera in the coming days to make a bit of a study throughout the year of the controlled burn area. While I have missed the before shot, seeing how that area changes thought the year will be interesting. Stay tuned for that.


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