Scio Woods Preserve


July 9, 2015

I had a bit of free time after work an decided to get a quick hike in.  I am spendig way too much time lately focused on what I am “supposed” to be doing, without realizing that taking care of me is high on that list.  I was reminded of that this afternoon, and with my wife and son out at a 4-H event, I hopped on my RZR and made it to our local nature preserve.

Scio Woods Preserve is one of Washtenaw County’s most popular preserves, due in large part to its proximity to town, and also to its 2 miles of tranquil wooded trails.  The county now has 26 nature preserves purchased through the generous support of Washtenaw County taxpayers, as well as those of communities within the county, and land preservation organizations as well.

As I usually hike with my dog, I don’t make it to the preserves much, as I very much respect the rules with respect to keeping them as natural and full of wildlife as possible.

Today was a cool day, and dry after many weeks of rain.  The woods are a beautiful hue of green, and life is abundant due to all the rain.  With that abundances comes an unfortunate bounty of mosquitoes, and I was glad for the coolness as it allowed me to keep my sweatshirt on and my hood up.  With that, my hike was an enjoyable yet high paced hustle to stay ahead of those who would love to drain my veins.  Each time I stopped to take a picture, I was quickly swarmed.

My hike was in the range of  1.5-2 miles, as I kept to the long outer route.  The trees were green, the paths a rich, dark brown, and the sun was shining.  I will let my phone’s pictures tell the rest of the story.  I think I will try to visit all of the preserves this year!

wpid-20150709_193558.jpg  wpid-20150709_185815.jpg  wpid-20150709_185853.jpg  wpid-20150709_185946.jpg

wpid-20150709_190120.jpg  wpid-20150709_190239.jpg  wpid-20150709_190338.jpg  wpid-20150709_190537.jpg

wpid-20150709_190541.jpg  wpid-20150709_190604.jpg  wpid-20150709_190932.jpg  wpid-20150709_191025.jpg

wpid-20150709_191151.jpg  wpid-20150709_191229.jpg  wpid-20150709_191309.jpg  wpid-20150709_191952.jpg

wpid-20150709_192725.jpg  wpid-20150709_192926.jpg  wpid-20150709_193003.jpg  wpid-20150709_193153.jpg

wpid-20150709_193352.jpg  wpid-20150709_193529.jpg

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