A Brief Visit to Willow Falls

September 4, 2015

During our visit to Minneapolis, my son and I took a quick jaunt east into Wisconsin to seek out waterfalls.  The first we found was Willow Falls at the state park of the same name.  The falls were great, and I could see lots of photographic possibilities.

Also, the falls are bordered by beautiful cliffs that also look as though they would be fun for rock climbing.  While I started shooting, Hayden started bouldering.  A few minutes later, with a gash in his head, the photography session is cut short.  An adventure for Hayden, and a locale to which he desires a return trip.  I hope he gets the chance, and that I get to play with my camera at the same time and get a few more shots.

Here are a few for your enjoyment!

Minneapolis 5S-2Minnesota-17Minnesota-6Minnesota-34

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