Minnehaha Falls – Summer and Winter

September 4, 2015

It is always a great time to visit Minneapolis.  Certainly warmer and more to do outside in the summer, but winter can bring special outside moments as well.  The following are a bunch of pictures of Minnehaha Falls in both winter and summer.  A must see either way, especially for being in such a large city.  Go back and read my winter posting if you want to learn more about that visit.

On this visit, I took advantage of my kids going to the Minnesota State Fair to wander the city solo.  I thought I would check out Minnehaha Falls, as I had last winter.  Whereas last winter the approach to the falls was quiet, but the falls were lively with those enjoying the ice, now the approach was packed with revelers enjoying the summer concerts in the park, and the area around the falls was pretty quiet.  The falls were equally inspiring in any weather.

I hope you agree!




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