Silver Lake & Lake Solitude – Wasatch Mountains

August 9,2014

This entry is a great example of why I am writing this blog.  I feel like I had written it shortly after leaving SLC 15 months ago (it is now 12/27/15).  However, I cannot find that entry, nor can I find all but a few of the pictures I thought I had.  Maybe the hike I thought I went on was really somewhere else and I’ll find those pics eventually, but my lack of a great memory for personal events is frustrating.

I had the opportunity to explore the mountains just east of Salt Lake City, after a visit to the Outdoor Retailer trade show.  My object of exploration on this day was Big Cottonwood Canyon is the Wasatch Mountains & Wasatch-Cache National Forest just east of Salt Lake.

One hike I know I loved was the Silver Lake & Lake Solitude combo hike originating from the Silver Lake Information Center very close to the Brighton ski area.  I have faint memories of chair lifts,  gorgeous vistas, and a man playing a very long cylindrical musical instrument, and of the sounds echoing off the mountains. I think that was here, but I seem to be missing those photographs to be sure.  Here are the ones I do have (as always click on one to enlarge):

Figures, as soon as I write the above, I found some more photos in my WordPress unattached listing, which makes me think I did in fact write this before and I wonder where the post went.

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