Antelope Canyon

April 3, 2012

Who knew such cool things await you under what looks like flat desert?  As part of my Grand Canyon Region photo workshop with Aperture Academy, I had the opportunity to photograph Antelope Canyon, within the Navajo Nation near Page, Arizona.  When you arrive, all you see is flat desert and a thin gap in the ground, nothing to really think twice about.  Well, inside that gap is Antelope Canyon and its myriad of amazing curved rock formations.   Since we were with a workshop, we got to stay for two hours versus the normal one hour limit, and that flew by all too fast.  Brian and Ellie at Aperture did a great job helping me get some incredible shots.  Enjoy!

One comment

  • I love this place! I went in November and just posted about it on my blog today. I literally took hundreds of photos when I was there – around every corner was more amazingness 😀 Love your photos!

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