• Normally pushing the blue/green would detract from the picture but in these it serves to frame and focus our attention. *my humble suggestion watermark all photographs displayed, these are too good and I am sure someone will copy and use them.

    • Thanks, Pete. I did not mess with the colors much if at all, though I did have the camera set to Vivid, so that may have pushed those aspects in the raw file. I tend to like a bit of extra warmth. I appreciate the kind words. I also very much like the new Dehaze feature in light room, but don’t know exactly what it does in the background. My adjustments tend to be limited to highlights down, shadows up, and Dehaze a bit. Perhaps some clarity and exposure adjustment. So far, I do not watermark as I am just a hobbyist as no income is at stake. I do drop the resolution to 72dpi, which at least prevents them from being printed and sold. Thanks again!

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