Zabriskie Point – Death Valley

Zabriskie Point-119

February 4-6, 2017

It is where the curves and shades of the desert meet the rich tones and shadows of the sun.  Zabriskie Point in Death Valley National Park offers the visitor a drama that evolves over the course of at least an hour. Each day it is a new show, making this a must see sunrise location.  During the past three days, I had the opportunity to visit Zabriskie twice, once as part of my Aperture Academy workshop and once on my own.  While the first morning was mostly clear and dry, brininging with it striking pinks and reds upon the mountains, the second was moody with a bit of sun followed by darkening skies and even a bit of lightning.  I hope you enjoy the views!

deathvalley-feb-04-2017-2Deatv Valley Trip S5-66Deatv Valley Trip S5-102Deatv Valley Trip S5-105Zabriskie Point Day 2-89Zabriskie Point-74Zabriskie Point-88Zabriskie Point-119Zabriskie Point-140Zabriskie Point-188Zabriskie Point-293

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